Technology is increasing and improving at an exponential rate. Have you wondered lately if your business is keeping up? In the past couple of years you have probably upgraded your computer software, installed new lights or phones, or fixed the pot holes in the parking lot, but have you updated your security measures? Security systems need to be upgraded just like any other business necessity. This includes the software systems running the alarms, but also the hardware like bars on the windows and gates at the entrances. The weakest and most vulnerable points of any business are the doors, entrances, and exits – and that includes the front gate, the back gate, and any other gate that keeps your facilities safe. Let’s take a look at your security gates and consider three signs that indicate that it might be time to invest in a new, and possibly more technologically advanced one. Remember, the people who want to do harm to your property or steal your inventory actively familiarize themselves with security features, and you should, too.

1. Gate Sensors. It may be time to get a new security gate for your business if you are not using sensors. Door and gate sensors help you keep track and keep a count of how many people and how many vehicles are entering and leaving the property. If a hundred cars and trucks go through the gate at the beginning of the day but only ninety nine exit at night, you might have a security issue. If two hundred people enter the building and two hundred and one exit, it might be time to check the security camera feeds to find out where that extra person came from. Sensors also know the time and date when gates are opened. Perhaps you think that your security system keeps your building safe when it is closed on weekends. You know that nobody is coming or going through that gate. Why would they – you are closed, right? If you install gate sensors you might discover that the gate is opening when nobody gave it permission to. Is an employee sneaking in over the weekend? Did someone give your gate security codes to a potential criminal? Gate sensors are a necessary feature to improve your business’ security. It is always better for you and your insurance company to anticipate and prevent a security breach than to clean up after it.

2. An Increase in Local Crime. If other businesses in the area have experienced recent break-ins, then yours may be next. Business owners should stay up to date not only by reading and watching local news reports, but also by becoming familiar with the neighbors. Pay attention to what the criminals exploited. Did that business fail to notice an additional vehicle left on the property at night? Did they mess up by leaving a window ajar or simply leave the front gate unlocked?

Build relationships with the other business owners and ask – as politely as possible, of course – how their security systems were breached. Was there a power surge that fried the gate electronics? Is their front gate made of wood, plastic, iron, aluminum, or steel? Does it have automatic motion detectors or is there a security guard that works it manually? Are the gate alarm systems hooked into land lines that can be easily snipped by intelligent criminals? Are the seansor wires exposed above ground? Do your best to learn from your neighbors’ mistakes.

And return the favor! If your facility has never been breached, you can help build up community relationships by sharing your own advice about the best security systems with your business friends and neighbors. If one store is broken into in an area, that can effect everyone’s business.

3. Your Security Gate is Made of Wood or Thick Plastic. A security gate is only as strong and sturdy as the materials it is made out of. Surprisingly, businesses still buy gates made out of wood. The most likely reason is because they are the cheapest choice for security. Unfortunately, wooden gates can be warped by the weather, and easily sawed or burned through. Plastic is not much better. A car bumper or blunt tool like a hammer will crack it.

The tougher the material, the tougher the job is for a thief. If the criminal needs to get themselves or a vehicle through the gate, precious minutes of time can be bought. Getting through wood is a lot easier than wrought iron, steel, or aluminum. You might have the most monumental security system in every other way – motion detectors, automatic lighting, trigger alarms, etc. but all of that is useless if a chainsaw can mow through your gate. Remember that security for your business is intended to make you a less likely target. Much of that comes down to what a burglar sees. He or she is far more likely to try to break into a facility that is guarded by warped, cracked wood than the strong, steady, less breakable gate or iron or steel. The look of the gate will scare criminals away before they even think about crime.

You and your business want to make profit. The cost of doing business is seriously threatened if the security is, and security is threatened if the gates are. Customer and employee theft accounts for an average of two percent of United States’ business loss. That is two percent more profit for you if you prevent crime. By investing in a new security gate you are taking a vital step to prevent theft and damage to your property. Criminals are upgrading their skills and resources, so you need to update yours.

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