zwaveenabledsmarthomeThere are a ton of different home automation platforms, but it is becoming clearer that Z-Wave will most likely become the new standard, due to its simplicity, compatibility and security. Distinctive from other closed systems and protocols, there are over 250 manufacturers making Z-Wave compatible gadgets. All of these products are, in most cases, just do-it-yourself plug and play devices, meaning no installation and configuration headaches for the homeowner. Once you have your control panel in place and a backbone app, such as, you can just start plugging your automation devices to create a true smart home. Its that easy and that simple. Perhaps the most significant home automation product is a Z-Wave a/c thermostat, since it gives you the ability to control and program your unit remotely, at the same time that you are bypassing all risky internet connections. A smart thermostat will save the homeowner thousand of dollars in utility bills.


One of the best selling smart thermostats is the 2GIG CT100, available at GlobalTech Home Automation  for just about $85.00. It costs about one third of the price of a Wi-Fi Nest thermostat and integrates with your entire Z-Wave automation system. The thermostat has a temperature reading accuracy to within 1oF (0.5oC). To complement your smart a/c, there are also Z-Wave powered HVAC vents that you can to hook up to your system, and in that way be able to modify the temperature in individual rooms. A cool powered vent is the EcoNet EV100 Vent that costs about $75.00 apiece.


Another cool device to hook up to your home automation system is the TZ08 Z-Wave Roller Shutter Controller. It is an in wall roller shutter that allows you to roll up and down your shades from anywhere. So, if you forgot to roll down shades and are worried that strangers may see your house from the outside, or are worried that the sun will warm up your bedroom or living room too much, you can just roll it down with a touch of a button on your smart phone or tablet, even when you are miles away from home.


The Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve from FortrezZ allows you to control and program your irrigation system. No more complicated sprinkler mechanical timers. Now you will have the ability to change your irrigation patterns even if your are not at home. Another application is to control and time the water supply to the entire house. This is extremely helpful if you own a vacation home and want to cut down all waste in utility bills when the house is vacant.


Smart home automation has been a dream concept since the Jetsons, but it is now finally here, bringing comfort, convenience and savings.  For more interior item visit