There is always an unsaid saga which binds the home and the people who lives there. I don’t know, somehow I always feel that the house chooses the members through some invisible vibes, either accepting or rejecting the presence of a person. Be it a flat or independent house, we get connected to our dream house and get used to every nook and corner of it… and yes…be it is decking up the house for first time or giving it a makeover after a decade, the thrill and the excitement remains the same and every time you give a little bit of you in everything you do.Though there are lots of affordable DIY options, which can instantly change the look of your sweet abode, without burning a hole in your wallet…and these can be done occasionally, since it fits into your budget smoothly and easily and it will also help you to remains in trend with upcoming projects.

Cleaning and Dusting

Cleaning and Dusting can instantly give a shine to your house. It must be in your daily routine, but, nonetheless it gives a good feeling. While opting for cleaning and dusting, it is always  advisable to take one room at a time i.e. if you have a 2 BHK, take up one room at once and then go with the other rooms and the hall etc. Though this is bit hectic as a process, but this you exhaust you less


A paint coat makes your house provides glittering finish to your house. Preferably a light color or a neutral color coating or any color of your choice. Either you can buy the paints and do it on your own, or if you can hire someone. Though it may cost you a little more if you are hiring someone, but there are DIY ways also, where you can do it. To pick up a color, you can also follow the trends…for instance, if you are in Jaipur, you may pick up the color of the season taken up by the builders to paint the new projects in Jaipur.

Curtains and Blinds

In general you must be having different sets of curtains and blinds…and all you need is to change it from time to time. Along with the curtains, change the bed sheet, pillow covers cushion covers etc. To add to the sophistication parameters, you may do some embroidery work on the edges of the curtains

Washroom and kitchen

These are the two most favorite place…kitchen and washrooms. Undoubtedly, washroom is the place to nurture your logical reasoning power or creative quotient and the kitchen is the place where love has been savored with the aromas of delicacies. A spotless kitchen and well maintained bathroom always rejuvenates your body mind and soul. Installing a sleek modular kitchen with chimneys and multipurpose cabinets gives it a proper makeover

Accessorize your house

What about a center table, small vase and an aquarium with colorful fish…it instantly lights up the hall or the room in no time

Repairs and fixes

Damps and the cracks are quite common and the same needs constant attention. Instead of lingering it for more, it is always a good option to take care of those immediately which completes as well as complements anything and everything you do in your abode….