Regular HVAC maintenance is necessary and almost everyone knows it. But when it comes to signing that annual maintenance contract a lot many business owners or facility manager dithers. It is a situation where they are being penny wise and pound foolish because with regular maintenance there will be lower energy costs and the maintenance contract will pay for itself.

Most buildings have HVAC systems and these systems consume a lot of energy and are the sole reason for high energy bills. Even though the facility managers or business owners know the importance of the HVAC system they are not proactive, they are reactive, i.e., they will call a HVAC technician when there is some problem with their system knowing well that it will be costly to repair it. But they will not be willing to spend on maintenance as they feel it is unnecessary. Regular maintenance will save them money and they will also not lose anything due to productivity loss.

The facility managers can do a maintenance check themselves periodically if they want to save some money. For a few maintenance tasks an expert is required but there are some tasks which even a layman can do and a few are mentioned below:

  • Air filters need to be cleaned periodically because if the air filters are dirty then the air will not flow properly and hamper the functioning of the HVAC system. Change the filters every few months and ensure that good quality filters are installed.
  • Is your building a sick building? A sick building is a building with bad quality air. Improve the air quality by cleaning the AC vents regularly. Dust and mold can form on the vents and this will reduce the air quality.
  • Evaporator coils need to be cleaned frequently as dirt can form on them. A thick layer of dust on the evaporator coils means the system needs to work more to provide the necessary cooling. This will not just increase the energy bills, the compressor will also be put under undue pressure and it may fail too leading to high repair costs.
  • Condenser coils should also be cleaned on a regular basis because a dirty condenser will only increase the work load of the system thereby inflating energy bills.
  • Oiling of parts that need oiling will only increase the life of the HVAC system, so make sure to oil the parts every month or so.
  • Fans, belts, bearings etc can also be checked periodically.

If the above mentioned steps are followed then the HVAC system will function well and you can save money. Another advantage of regular maintenance is that you will know of an impending problem and you can take remedial measures to ensure the continuous working of the HVA system. Signing up for an annual HVAC maintenance contract is a good option as the HVAC service provider will visit regularly and service the parts. There are many HVAC service providers, do a due diligence before hiring any of them.


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